Preliminary program

Keynote speaker:

Olivier Zieschank - ITMF (International Textile Manufacture Federation) (CH) 

Day 1 - Thursday 27 September 2018

8h30 Registration

9h-12h30: Session I – chairman: tbc

  1. Introduction Digital technologies: state-of-the-art and future perspectives, M. Van Parys - UNITEX (BE)
  2. The geography of the textile industry – evolution and trends, O. Zieschank - ITMF (CH)
  3. Internet of Things, S. Smith – DPInnovations (US)
  4. Design and Operation of Inkjet Ink Delivery Systems J. Vlaskamp - Global Inkjet Systems (UK) 
  5. Textile printing: Digital or Rotary?, J. Lindahl / J. Notermans - SPGPrints (NL)

Coffee break

  1. New challenges/opportunities for textile CAD/CAM: product approval via digital fabric samples, A. de Goeij – Nedgraphics (DE)
  2. Requirements, advantages and opportunities for digital textile printing factories of the future – Contribution for success from a market leading dyes, pigments, chemicals and ink manufacturer, today and tomorrow, M. Dorer - Dystar (DE)
  3. Industry 4.0, O. Luedtke - Kornit (DE)
  4. Testimonials:  G. Declercq – S-Print (BE) digital printer of floorcoverings & P. Cieslik, M. Laskowski – Cottonbee (PL) digital printer of fashion clothing & interior textile


12h45 Lunch

14h15-18h - Session II – chairman: tbc

  1. Digitalization in printing and finishing - Get your chemicals ready for the future, S. Hane - Tanatex (NL)
  2. The taming of Pigment Inks: How to gain control over print quality by using primers, H. Haas – CHT Germany GmbH (DE)
  3. Pigment and vat inkjet printing – technical challenges, opportunities and applications T. Naschberger - Zimmer (AT)
  4. The new Efi-Reggiani Digital Pigment Solution, G. Saia - Efi-Regianni (IT)

Coffee break

  1. SEWBOT Made: Design for Automation of Apparel and Footwear, P. Santora – Softwear Automation (US)
  2. Reflection ink, H. Weber – International Transfert Graphic (DE)
  3. Digital textile micro factory and related business models, D. Stellmach – DITF (DE)
  4. Waterborne UV-resins: solutions for next generation inkjet inks, K. Poelmans – Allnex (BE)
  5. Robot-assisted inkjet printing onto sport textiles with newly developed inkjet inks, J. Kastner- Profactor GmbH (AT)


18h - 21h Walking dinner

Day 2 – Friday 28 September 2018

9h-12h45 – Session III – chairman: J. Laperre – Centexbel (BE)

  1. Enhances of a NIR-drying in textile printing applications, K. Bär- Adphos (DE)
  2. New DIAMONTEX pigment inkjet inks for textile, E. Sowade, A. Schoenfeld - Zschimmer & Schwarz (DE)

  3. HP from paper and banner printers to Textiles, M. Horsten – HP Inc. (NL)
  4. Digital workflows; solution for the apparel and fashion industry, S. Gertsch - Gertsch Consulting @ Mode Vision (CH)

Coffee break

  1. Functional inks for the factory of the future, R. Schneider – DITF (DE)
  2. 3D printing electroconductive filaments, D. Schmelzeisen – ITA (DE)
  3. 3D SLA (stereolithography), 3D-printing and textile, P. Gevaert – Allnex (BE)
  4. Printing flexible solar panels (tbc), V. Tanner - ITA (DE)


12h45 Closure

13h Lunch

15h-16.30h: Visit to the company Liebaert (location: Deinze) – visiting screen and digital printing division) (transport will be arranged, 20-25 min driving from 3Square) (registration needed – click here for registration)